Friday, 30 March 2012


Ok this time I want to share something about myself.. My name is Zamzurina Binti Mohd Azri. I come from Kelantan. i live in Machang Kelantan Darul Naim. For you information I was born in Kelantan on 3 June 1990. You all want to know my identities card? I think it not important at all.. so I cannot put here.. You know my age now is 22 years old.. I like a mature lady right now.

Now, I want to talk about my hobby. I like do a lot of things. But as I mention I should give some of my hobby such as reading novels, planting flowers, watching the anime, listening a music, watching the Korea movie and etc. When I do all of these things I feel my life I have fulfil with the benefit things and I love to do as long as I breathe.

The next thing here, I want to talk about my life now. Now I am student in Northern University of Malaysia (UUM). UUM is located at Sintok, kedah. Here I put the address of UUM that is Universiti Utara Malaysia 06010 UUM, Sintok, Kedah Darul Aman. I am student in Bachelor of business administration. I has a matrix id that is 205327. It is we call as matrix card. Now, i was in the fourth semester, only two semesters before I finished my study here.

I take the community development as my curriculum course. This course teaches me how to deal with the community as a part of our life. Here, I learn so many things such as how to communicate with other and I also get a lot of new friends. They are kind and lovely person.. My lecture name is Puan Asli Binti Abdullah. She is strict but she is lovely person. This semester will be the last curriculum for me because in UUM, we must take this course for 4 semesters but for the PALAPES they must take 6 semesters to complete their curriculum.

I want to story about experience me as a student in UUM for you all. In my first semester here, I did not know anything because I never lived in hostel. I looked everything like a weird things to me.. that time my mind thinking to resign in this university because I don’t know how to life in this situation. But I thank to Allah because Allah give me a good roommate. Her name is Siti Nazliani Binti Md.Nor. She teaches me a lot of things that I don’t understand or if I needed her help, she will helped me. Now, I can be more independent. I am really thankful for her. Just Allah will reply her kindness to me.. it will be a beautiful memory when we are finished our study and that day will be the “tears day” for us because we must separate to continue our journey in our life.

Before this entry I ended, I wish I can do something for myself here. I want to be proud in family and my community. I want to scattering contribution and dedication for my family and community as a developer community.