Friday, 30 March 2012


My anime worlds…. That my latest entry that I will write for this blog… hahaha… my anime worlds look like my worlds.. I love anime.. Since I was a child my favourite television program is anime.. Anime…anime…anime… always in my mind from young to adult.

My friends said I not a mature ladies because my favourite program is anime.. but for me anime is always inside in my heart… actually I don’t mind if my friends said me as a childish…huhuhu because I know who am i… I am a bigger fan of anime… am I right? Everyone in this world have their own interest right? so am i.. so everyone accept my friends cannot denied my interest in anime..

What supposes I talk about anime? What about title? Or synopsis or the character inside this anime? If you want to see the anime you can go to this link to look what anime look like… there a lot of anime you can find there and I really really sure you were like this anime as a me… and we can share anything about anime (if you like anime too)

For me anime is like world full of colour… it make me interest to see and find the meaning of this anime.. actually when we see anime we can create a creativity inside my mind.. we were shocked if we know how they create their character in anime… it based in reality of life… they create when they see us… so anime is look like as a real life but in different ways.

Nothing can change our interest even though everyone says that they do not like anime… I still like.. so here we should know what our interest.. although everyone do not like this interest but it were interest… so we have right to be ourself.

There a lot of anime… such naruto shipudden, bleach , one piece and other anime… 

                                                          DRAGON BALL Z
                                                           NARUTO SHIPUDDEN
                                                                  ONE PIECE
                                                               FRUIT BASKET
                                                       BAKEMONO QATARI
                                                                 AIR GEAR
                                                      SCHOOL OF RUMBLE
                                                    AKENE-IRO SOMARU SAKA

                                                                ONE PIECE
                                                  HIGH SCHOOL OF DEAD

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