Tuesday, 24 April 2012


The 3 June is always be the time I being waiting. This is a special day that everyone will wish something good to me. That is my birthday. What so special about my birthday or anyone birthday? Because that day we were celebrate with full of happiness and cheerful. No accepted, that day will promise us to something that will be memorable for us include me.

You know that day you get the present? Of course you know because when you wish something that only day you can wish to get is your birthday. Am I right or wrong? I leave this issues to you all to answer that.. Because I done with my answer for this question.. Now your turn…

What you wish to get in your birthday? And you will be gets or not? If that day is my birthday, I wish that all wishes will be true. Sound like I’m a princess. Everything I want I can get. But in the real life, is not like that… some of our wish can be true and some of them cannot be because of something I don’t know. It is because of situation or maybe not. Only you and me know what the truth behind this issues..

Back to the topic… what actually gift I want when my birthday coming? Here I give you all some information that gift should avoid you give to someone.

  • Appliances as romantic gifts
Never, ever give an appliance to your wife or girlfriend as a gift. To clarify, unless you are certain that she dreams to own a deluxe mixer because cooking is her passion - stay clear from appliances. Especially avoid vacuum cleaners, washing machines or any other device that might be used to clean up after you.

  • A donation has been made in your name...
Of course giving to charity is good. However, never give someone "A charitable donation made in his or her name" as a gift... Unless they have dedicated their life to a particular cause (in which case the donation will be meaningful to them) or specifically requested that you give money to charity instead of buying a gift.

  • Something you want
Unless you are truly buying a gift for someone with similar taste to yours... avoid buying something you actually want for yourself. Just because you want a Play station, does not mean your mum will appreciate it, especially when you ask to borrow it before she's even got it out of the box. Take their own tastes into consideration ... see our "pay attention and get outstanding ideas for gifts for friends and family” for advice on picking a gift they truly want.

  • Dumb awards
"Best Mum" mug, T-shirt, and coffee makers and other dumb awards are out . Consider them only if you are under 12 years old or if you want to make a cheesy statement. For example it might be a suitable baby gift for a friend expecting her first child.

  • Offensive gifts
Don't give overweight friend fitness equipment or diet books. You might think you are doing them a favour but they may be offended. Think about what your gifts are saying before you buy to them... remember some gifts can be offensive!

  • Gifts are too generic or too cheap
Mugs, toiletries and lottery tickets are often given as presents. Although they might be suitable as 'stocking fillers' or for people you don't know very well, beware when buying these for close friends and family. This kind of gift just says: "I really had no idea... so here you are". To turn such gifts into welcome presents make sure that they are personalised . For instance, if you know the person well, buy their favourite toiletries or quality mugs that matching the rest of their crockery.
You also need to make sure the value of the gift matches the occasion ... I once spoke to man who could vividly recall his disappointment when receiving a shirt from his girlfriend on his birthday... He was expecting a more memorable - and more personal gift for that special occasion (he now has a new girlfriend).

  • Pets
"Live" presents are usually best avoided, unless you are 110% sure that the recipient wants a pet or you are buying for your child. Dogs and cats are a big responsibility and it is best not to push anyone into that situation without warning... there might be a reason why they don't already have a cat or a dog.

  • Clothes
Clothes are usually best avoided, unless you have seen the recipient try it on and put it back because they could not afford it. Chances are that you will get the style, size or colour wrong and the recipient will feel forced to wear it at least once in front of you.
However clothes can make great gifts if you get it right. Some might even consider using gift giving to curb an addiction to unflattering clothing or bad taste... think of it as clothes.

p/s: Now you know what should you give as a present or not  right.

If someone want give me a present.. I like something that will be memorable or something cute that when I see that present I will smile and remember that person. But who want give me a present? Times come and we were look if I get a present in my birthday in 3/ June/ 2012. If I get I will write one special entry to story about that… you all must waiting for that day? Before I end this entry I want to ask something? There are those who celebrate her or his birthday today? If have I wishes a happy birthday to you and I hope all of your wish can be true. This picture is the cutest one as a gift that we can give to someone..

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